Outlaw Gangs and Organised Crime

Posted: October 16, 2013 in FutureQuest
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Our government is setting up very severe laws and powers against outlaw bikie gangs and their associated organised crime. The key to the matter is whether they can make the laws stick. Most likely gang lawyers will challenge them in the high court and they will either be ruled as unconstitutional, or watered down until there is no difference to how it was before. Of course nothing will change unless more police are inserted and magistrates subsequently keep apprehended  and convicted outlaws in jail.

Quote from FutureQuest; ‘Chapter 16. Acceptance and Peer Pressure’

‘Eventually outsiders find other outsiders and before long, an outsider group is formed, in which the reject-outsider is accepted and recognised as an insider of that outsider group. To maintain the distinction of the group as that of ‘outsiders’, such groups will sometimes encourage acts of revulsion by their members, to confirm their outside-status and to establish or assert the group’s non-conforming identity. The members draw their personal identity from the group’s identity, and the outsider label then becomes an integral part of the members’ identity.

‘An extreme form of such outsider groups is the Outlaw gang (91), where members wear patches, tattoos or colours to show their membership. It sends the message that whoever threatens or assaults someone wearing colours challenges the gang and can expect the gang’s revenge. Even though the membership of such a group involves heightened danger, there is also a sense of camaraderie and protection. Add to all of this the adrenaline rush and excitement of violent confrontations and illegal acts, the associated freedom of not having to work, and the intimidating power over unprotected individuals, it is easy to see why gangs are popular with rejected young people. Once a person’s identity is intertwined with gang membership and its associated loyalty structure, it is very hard to leave.’

Albert Sedlmayer. FutureQuest (Kindle Locations 1740-1750).


91.   Nawojczyk, Steve. Street Gang Dynamics. The Nawojczyk Group. [Online] 1997. [Cited: 18 Jan 2010.]


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