Enjoying Music

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Life
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Last night I spent over half an hour immersed in music (listening). Reclined with good quality recordings through good quality in-ear buds, closed eyes and nothing but the music. When the ear buds went in, the door to the sound stage closed, and the world and its distractions were cut off and left outside. I could walk among the musicians unencumbered and observe every nuance they played, hear every fine accent in their instruments and see the vocalists’ passion in their faces and hear it in their voices. I could hear every vibration of the low bass strings and every sixteenth cut of percussion – even sense the tightness of the skins. Guitar fills and horn sets coloured the regularity of the precise rhythms. The relaxation was absolute, with every note, every beat absorbing my attention. Even the spaces and rests between the notes had identities, thereby accentuating presence to the beats. Nothing else existed…! I did this regularly in less hectic times, sometimes for a whole day, and now realise I should really pick it up again and enjoy the whole-body music massage like this this more frequently – as well as playing it. Maybe sometime on Saturday I could let it rumble through our 1000w home theatre – but that would open awareness cracks for bits of world-distractions to leak in.

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