Albert Sedlmayer was born in War-ravaged Germany in 1946. At age six his family moved to Australia and became Australian citizens. From 1962 he lived thirteen more cold-war years back in Germany where he trained as cabinetmaker and architectural draughtsman, designing houses by day and playing lead guitar in rock bands at night.

In 1975 he and his German wife moved to New Zealand and started their adoptive family. He began boatbuilding, founded a successful yacht design business and pioneered marine CAD/CAM applications. He taught yacht design evening classes and wrote technical papers and articles for the marine industry and yachting publications. Concurrently he learned creative writing, trained as counsellor and studied theology, majoring in relationships. In 1992 they moved back to Australia, where he joined an innovative ship design company as senior Naval Architect. In 2012 he founded Sedlmayer Associates Pty Ltd, Naval Architects.

Albert spent significant life-periods living fully immersed in the diverse cultures and attitudes of different nations. His vocational profile has endowed him with methodologies to solve complex, dynamic problems. Counselling training and experience has instilled him with a deep, empathic insight into humanity. After decades of studying people, world events and technology he realised that a great, sustainable world-future was achievable, so harnessing Information-Age power and engaging his design-thinking ability he wrote FutureQuest.

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